Opinions on 666: The Mark of the Beast We've listed the opinions of some of the most popular Bible teachers concerning 666: The Mark of the Beast.

What happens if someone takes the Mark of the Beast - 666 What does the Bible say will happen when someone receives 666: the mark of the Beast?

What is 666 The Mark of the Beast? Does the Bible say what is the Mark of the beast? Is it the number 666? It is a biochip implant?

Can a Christian take the Mark of the Beast - 666? Can a truly saved person receive the Mark of the Beast? What happens if they do?

Is "www" equal to "666" in Hebrew? We've gotten several emails asking, is www. (the www. for internet addresses) really 666 in Hebrew? Could it be 666: The Mark of the Beast?

Can someone "innocently" or "accidently" receive 666: the Mark of the Beast? What if I "innocently" take a debit card, credit card, a vaccine, smart-card, or biochip and it turns out to be — 666: The Mark of the Beast?

Is the biochip implant the Mark of the Beast? This is a three part, detailed study of the biochip implant. Probably, the most extensive and documented Biblical study of the biochip available.

What about barcodes and 666: The mark of the Beast? Are barcodes the mark of the beast? Do barcdoes really have the number 666 "hidden" in them?

Rock Music and 666 Rock music openly promotes the number 666: The Mark of the Beast.

Soon you can have a tracking chip implanted in your body... Worry no more, doting parents! Whether it's your little pumpkin's first day walking home from school by herself or the millionth time you've lost her at the mall, the BabysitterTM will track your sweetpea's location from a jelly bean-sized microchip implant, discretely tucked under her collarbone... (from www.salon.com)It's coming folks! It's coming — SOON!

Tiny human-borne monitoring device sparks privacy fears. A Palm Beach, Florida-based telecommunications company has developed a miniature digital monitoring device that can be implanted in people, intended to assist in locating missing children or for monitoring the heart rate of at-risk patients... (from www.cnn.com)

1.5 Million TV Cameras Track Britain's 60 Million People From the Associated Press.

Growing threat to privacy worldwide The threat to personal privacy is growing worldwide as a result of new technologies that are strengthening the surveillance powers of law enforcement agencies and private companies, a new report says.... (from www.cnn.com)

Wars and rumors of wars Jesus said in Matthew 24:6, "And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars:. . ." as one of the signs of His coming. According to a recent (12/29/1999) Washington Post article titled, "Wars Rage in a Third of World Nations", 193 nations, nearly a third of the world is at war. Nearly twice the number during the Cold War years. Even so, come. Lord Jesus! Are you ready?

Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) Acquires Rights to World's First Digital Device — designed to be implantable in humans! The implantable device is named "Digital Angel". According to ADS it is "the world's first digital device — implantable in humans - with applicatons in E-business to business security, health care and criminal justice. Inserted just under the skin, with maintenance-free regenerating power supply, miniature 'Digital Angel' has multi-billion dollar market potential." The U.S. Patent (5,629,678) abstract reads, ". . . Power for the remote-activated receiver is generated electromechanically through the movement of body muscle. The device is small enough to be implanted in a child, facilitating use as a safeguard against kidnapping,. . ."

  • Digital Angel Goes Live! Historic Digital Angel Unveiling to be Held in New York City On October 26, 2000
  • Detailed ADS Patent Specs - PDF Format
  • U.S. Patent Info on ADS Device
  • U.S. Patent Issued for Mark U.S. Patent 5,878,155 was recently issued to Houston inventor Thomas W. Heeter, described as a "Method for verifying human identity during electronic sale transactions" — by tattooing a bar code on an individual!

    U.S. Patent Issued for Implantable Homing Device Patent number 4,706,689 was issued for a human implantable homing device. The patent abstract reads, "A new apparatus for location and monitoring of humans has been developed. The device employs a unique programmable signal generator and detection system to locate and monitor the movement of individuals. . . The device is small enough to be implanted in young children as well as adults. . ."

    Internet Tax Plan or 666? The latest government "scheme" to tax the Internet would electronically "brand" the consumer with a "geocode". James Plummer of Consumer Alert, asks the obvious, "Why not go ahead and tattoo the geocode on the forehead?" Spooky stuff.

    The brave new world of biotechnology and beyond. Genetic engineering and nanotechnologies will not only change our world, but perhaps even bodies. One of the big developments in "nanotechnology" — the computer chip implant, of course.

    Major Organizations Are Experimenting With Computer Chip Implants in Humans According to a CMP's EE Times Special Report, the implantation of computer chips into humans and animals is now actively being funded, researched and experimented by major institutions such as Stanford University, British Telecom, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and major corporations.

    Time Enough? Consequences of Human Microchip Implantation An excellant article on biochips by Elaine M. Ramesh published on the Franklin Pierce Law Institute web site. The article covers the microchip technology, possible applications for microchip implantation into humans, common law, constitutional,and property rights affected by mandatory implantation.Very well documented,"eye-opening" article.

    The Mark of the Beast "spoof" A "spoof" requesting participants to receive The Mark of the Beast was recently staged on the Internet. Results. . . Very interesting. . .

    THE NATIONAL ELECTRONIC VACCINE TRACKING REGISTRY Privacy Paper: How The Plan To Force Vaccination Gave Birth To The National ID, A Government Health Records Database, and the End of Medical Privacy (08/20/99)

    Body parts securely ID users Many leading-edge companies are using biometric and "body secure" IDs to tighten security.

    The first "documented" case of a micro-chip implant in a human Professor Kevin Warwick at the University of Reading in England had a silicon chip implanted into his arm. What's next?

    Future technology will wire people IBM demonstrates technology that uses the natural salinity in the human body as a conductor to send and receive data electronically

    Is human chip implant wave of the future? Is implanted micro-chips in the human body soon coming?

    Would you consider having microchips implanted in your body? CCN conducts a poll of that question — the results might surprize you. . .

    What about Dr. Carl Sanders? Carl Sanders distributed a tape claiming to have worked on a implantable micro-chip and met with high-level world-wide government officials to usher in 666. But did he?

    Info on 666 from Jeremiah Project

    Prophezine Good site dealing with Prophecy.

    National Security Agency (NSA) & Echelon Info A good source of info on NSA and Echelon.

    Another NSA/Echelon Site A good source of info on NSA's Echelon.

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