The Bible: That Amazing Book Is the Bible reliable? Can it be trusted? Has science disproven the Bible? Or has recent discoveries proven a supernatural author of the Bible?

Scientists Prove: Divine Author of Genesis! Scientists have discovered "encoded" in the Genesis text -- names, dates and events from the nineteenth century! "The phenomenon cannot be attributed to ANYTHING within the KNOWN PHYSICAL UNIVERSE, human beings included." (Biblical Review, October 1995, p.45) Irrefutable proof the Bible is the words of God!

MORE ABOUT ELS A page on the Web dedicated to Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) in the Bible.

MORE ABOUT THE BIBLE More information about The Bible on our "News & Views" page. . .

The Message Bible: Mystic Mess Eugene Peterson's Bible The Message contains the most blatant New Age mysticism ever published in a Bible. A top-five best selling Bible recommended by many prominent Christian leaders like Billy Graham, Chuck Swindoll, Jerry Jenkins, Rick Warren, Rod Parsley and Warren Wiersbe, among many others. Buckle up. . . You will not believe the Mystic Mess filling The Message!

How to Spot a Counterfeit Bible? Many people write and ask about a certain version of the Bible. With over 200 different English versions available and a new one coming out every 6 months, itís difficult to individually separate Satanís counterfeits from the Word of God. We created 25 simple checks to spot one of Satanís counterfeits.

The New International perVersion Did you know the New International Version (NIV) removes 17 complete verses, 64,576 words, contains blatant lies and that's just the beginning. . . Must reading for every Christian!

What about ALL those "archaic" and "hard to understand" words in the NIV?

The Attack on the Bible Did you know your Bible is under attack like never before? But not by atheists, or agnostics but Christians! Must reading. One of the world's best kept secrets.

The New King James Version:Counterfeit Is the New King James Version true to the King James? Did you know the New King James Bible makes over 100,000 translation changes from the "old" King James Bible?

Bible Version Comparison: Most people believe the new versions are just "harmless" updating of words and made easier to read nothing could be further from the truth! A table documenting over 300 verses that have been removed or changed from the seven most popular new versions.

Bible Verses Removed Did you know the "new" versions completely remove key verses like Matthew 18:11? The NIV and the NASV completely remove 17 verses! The NRSV completely removes 18 verse! The RSV completely removes 25 verses! Get your new version and check it out! It'll shock you what they've done to the word of God!

Major Bible Words Removed Did you know the New King James Verison takes out over 2200 words. And that's just the New Testament! The NIV takes out over 5000! Not insignificant words, but key Bible words like Christ, Lord, Jesus, heaven, etc. A table that lists 15 major Bible words and how many times the new versions remove them!

Are You Washed in the Blood? Not according to the NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV, CEV, NCV, and the other legions of new Bible Versions! This is a shocker!

Bible "Corrupters" Lose Ability to Speak "And, behold, thou shalt be dumb, and not able to speak, ... because thou believest not my words, ..." Luke 1:20 Did you know that Kenneth Taylor (The Living Bible), Phillip Schaff (The New American Standard Version), J.B. Phillips (The New Testament in Modern English) and several others suddenly, without no apparent reason lost their ability to speak? Read the incredible facts!

Modern Day Bible "Corrupter" Loses Voice on The John Ankerberg Show. Read how God silenced a modern day Bible "corrupter" on The John Ankerberg Show! Incredible!

MORE ABOUT THE ATTACK ON THE BIBLE More information about the attack on the Bible on our "News & Views" page. . .
Rock Music: The Devil's Advocate Did you know some rock stars claim to really be "preachers" for Satan ? Megadeth sings in "The Conjuring", "I am the devil s advocate! A salesman, if you will..." Was the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles, a reference to the Church of Satan originally a converted hotel located on California Street!

Premature Death of Rock Stars A detailed list of over 300 rock stars death. Includes summary of causes and life expectancy comparison. The life expectancy of Americans is 75.8 years. The life expectancy of a rock star is only 36.9 years. Very interesting.

Rock Music & Jesus Christ Why is it that throughout rock music there is a vicious attack upon Jesus Christ. Not Buddha... Not Mohammed... Not Allah... Only One Person Jesus Christ! Read the many, many examples And find out why!

It's Only Rock'n Roll ... But It Kills Teenage suicide has increased over 300 per cent since 1950! The National Education Association says, "... teenage suicides are linked to depression fueled by fatalistic music and lyrics." Is rock music killing our kids?

MORE ABOUT ROCK MUSIC More information about Rock Music on our "News & Views" page. . .
Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy? Have Amy Grant, Sandi Patti, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, Carman, Moritification and the Christian Rock "stars" sold the Lord out? Why do occult symbols keep "popping up" in Christian Rock? Why is it the name of Jesus Christ is not found in much of the Contemporary Christian Music? Who is the god of Christian Contemporary Music?

Bible Guidelines for Christian Music What does the Bible say about Christian music? Does the Bible endorse a certain style? What saith the scriptures?

Christian Rock:Questions and Answers We've answered many of the questions you've asked. Questions like - "What's Wrong with using Rock music as a tool to reach young people?" or "What gives you the right to judge CCM artists?" or "Didn't Martin Luther use bar tunes in his music?"

Where is CCM's "New Song"? Where is CCM's "New Song", the Lord mentions in Psalms 40:3? We list over 200 "secular songs" (some by extremely anti-Christian groups) by CCM artists. Unbelievable. . .

Take the Christian Contemporary Music Test Is Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) really Christian? A simple test should answer that question. . .

Is Music Neutral? Supporters of Christian Rock claim that music is neutral Ė that tones, rhythms, and notes are neutral. But what are the facts? What does science, medicine, physiology and God say about the neutrality of music? Is rock music inherently evil? Read the facts.

MORE ABOUT CHRISTIAN MUSIC More information about Christian Music on our "News & Views" page. . .
WARNING: 666 is Coming! Is the door to 666 The Mark of the Beast beginning to open? Read the documented facts You need to know what is taking place!
666 WATCH We now have a site dedicated to the latest developments paving the road to 666: The Mark of the Beast. We also answer many questions and misconceptions about The Mark of the Beast.
Jesus is Coming The Signs of His Second Coming! Is Jesus Christ about to return? Are the signs of His coming actually happening? You decide. . .
The Truth about Hell! Is there a place the Bible calls hell? If so, where? The Bible gives the location! And recent discoveries match exactly what the Bible described thousands of years ago! Read what Jesus Christ says about hell.

Yes Virginia There is a Hell A Bible Believers version of the famous editorial "Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus", written by Francis P. Church and published in The New York Sun on September 21, 1897.

Once Saved ... Always Saved? Can a born-again Christian ever lose their salvation? Can someone who has truly been saved ever be lost? What saith the scriptures?

Why Did Jesus Die? Why did Jesus Christ have to die on the cross? What was so significant about His death?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Did It Really Happen? Was the resurrection of Jesus Christ just a "hoax" that history painted into truth? Or can the resurrection of Jesus Christ be "legally" proven by the laws of legal evidence?

Halloween: A Covenant with Death and Hell. Halloween comes from ancient Baal rituals that practiced human sacrifices of children! In this well documented article we unearth the hellish tomb of Halloween to exhume its sinister "covenant with death and hell." MUST READING. Printed tract available..

World's Deadliest Drug What is the world's deadliest drug? Who is it that destroys 1 in every 4 homes in America? Who kills over 200,000 Americans every year? ... Is it crack? ... Is it herion? Or could it be ....?

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